Broadcast Technology Group (BTG) is a pure service provider to the broadcast industry, supplying engineering and IT consultation, innovative air blown fiber installation, and executive project management expertise in addition to a full array of customized support services that keep dynamic broadcast facilities running smoothly. support services include equipment procurement, receiving/tracking logistics, documentation updates, asset reconciliation, and training expertise.

What makes BTG unique is the "client centered" way services are designed and implemented. BTG customizes each service to integrate seamlessly into your daily procedures and long term goals. This makes our products an integral and ongoing asset to your organization...not isolated or incomplete information that has limited usefulness to your staff.

It is our total commitment and open communication with clients throughout the project that makes BTG a true long term business partner. Please view our services for an in-depth look at how we can assist you with your technical needs and growth.


Our Strengths

Innovative Fiber Optic Cable Installation | Please contact us for details

BTG is the first integrator in the Southeast to bring FutureFLEX fiber cable systems to the broadcast industry. This innovative system supports HDTV and other high bandwidth, high-data rate gigabit applications at a substantial savings from traditional fiber installation. A unique Air-blown installation method is used to install fiber optic cable at speeds up to 150 feet per minute with only two installers. This means that 3,000 feet of fiber can be blown in just 30 minutes. Using a point-to-point architecture, fiber is installed in one continuous run eliminating the need to splice at transition or branching points. Since you can install the exact fiber counts you need, when and where you need it, there is no need to have a lot of excess capacity sitting dark for years which may not be what your network demands when the time comes to utilize it. Additionally, fiber can be installed without any disruption to your facility or network operations eliminating the need for construction permits and unnecessary network downtime.

Case Studies and Industry white papers can be found in our Technical Resources Section.

Broadcast IT Services & Media Management | Please contact us for details

Over the past decade, information technology has become mission-critical to all businesses, but none have seen the changes that the Broadcast Industry has in work flow and technological implementations. BTG prides itself on being able to address these needs with every client, from Small-Medium Installations to fortune 500. Our solutions include names such as Cisco, HP, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, EMC, Sun and many other technology leaders. With the rising cost of personnel and the skill set needed to design and maintain your Broadcast IT investment, we understand it is critical to establish an overall set of technology strategies and plans that are aligned with the growth forecast of your organization. BTG has had the opportunity to work with some of the leading Broadcasters in designing these state of the art facilities which have won critical acclaim in the industry.

One technology which is in the spotlight now is Media Management. BTG has a proven track record in implementing this complicated solution. We understand the needs of this technology and work with the client and their vendors to make sure that the design and implementation meet the work flow needs now and in the coming future.

Industry white papers and articles can be found in our Technical Resources Section.

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